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Security in XP
Microsoft has really done a great job with security in Windows XP. For the first time, Microsoft has released a home/office version of XP with a built in firewall for protecting users against hackers and internet-borne viruses. In addition, Windows Update frequently provides the user with security updates and patches for Windows XP, making sure your PC is always up to date. Another reason why Microsoft feels security is important is because Security is Microsoft's main goal this year, according to Bill Gates. In fact, in February 2002, all approx. 7,000 Microsoft Programmers took a month to learn how to make their products safer and secure and how to elliminate common "Buffer overloads/overruns" (a security expression).
Windows XP versus Windows 95
Remember Windows 95? Or even 98? ME? Microsoft has released a video (Click here to watch) comparing Windows 95 to Windows XP. This video shows you how Windows 95 is really a "crummy" OS and how Windows XP is definitly a worthwhile upgrade. Now you may be saying, "Oh I got Windows 98 or ME and I am fine" but really this video still applies to you. Windows 95, 98, and ME all are considered part of the Windows 9x family, the family of Operating Systems that's core heart is DOS. Windows XP's "core heart" is not DOS, but the Windows 2000 kernel. So this means that this video is not only about Windows 95 vs. Windows XP but really Windows 95, 98, and ME vs. XP.
Windows XP desktop cleanup
Does you XP desktop often get cluttery and you want to clean it up? Windows XP has the perfect solution on how to solve this. Windows XP can make a folder on your desktop called Unused Desktop Shortcuts where it will place the unused shortcuts on your desktop. To launch the Desktop cleanup program, simply:

Right click on your desktop > Point to Arrange Icons by > Click Run Desktop cleanup Wizard

And thats all there is to it!




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