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After XP: "Longhorn" and "Blackcomb"
This next OS will have a totally revamped interface and have a "Start panel" similar to that of MSN Explorer. This seems it will surpass XP's functions and provide the user with their information at their finger tips. For example, using a subscription service, you can "overlap" calendars from your family/friends. Also, all your pictures (from the web and computer) will be placed in one place. This makes a lot of things in XP even more organized and will be a sure hit.
Windows XP Screenshots & Highlights

Windows XP is truly a great OS. It makes the user work in a simple, clean environment with now, new 32 bit Icons and toolbars. Shortcuts along the side of folders provide the user with common tasks to perform. Also since XP is built on the proven stability of Win 2000, XP is almost crash proof and has much tigher security then the Win 9x's. Windows XP also integrates the .NET technology so you can easily and seamlessy login and have .NET sites customized to your specs. Finally, XP makes networking and setting up User Accounts easy. Setup a user account in XP in as little as 3 clicks, and all the user's files are kept securly. Better yet, Win XP allows you to format your drive to NTFS so that users folders and files cannot be accessed via Windows Explorer or Command prompt.
Scanners and Digital Camera wizard: Needed in XP?
Windows XP includes many great features but there is one thing I do not think is needed. For one, many of the digital input devices like Digital Cameras, scanners, DV Cameras, all come with their own drivers AND software to do the editing. This fact alone makes the Scanners and Digital Camera wizard useless. I think Microsoft added this "special" feature just show us users that Windows XP has it all, but you may not need to use it all.
Use My Network Places as FTP "shortcut"

Have a site? And an FTP Server? AND tired of typing ftp:// commands? Use My Network Places! In Windows XP, after you enter you ftp:// commands a "shortcut" to the server is placed in My Network Places. However, if you would like to make your own, simple follow these steps:

Open My Network Places > Click Add a network place > Click Next > Click choose another network location > Type in the FTP address > Name it! > And you're done!

Now to get back to the FTP site, go to My Network Places and then click on the FTP site "shortcut".

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